…and that’s why it’s called “spelling”.

What spells have you and society placed on yourself? Think back to when you were in school. What are some things that were said to you to make you believe you,

are not smart enough

are not pretty enough

are not successful enough

were not normal enough

were not social enough

didn’t fit in enough

Give yourself some time to think about some of the things you heard in school that programmed those beliefs into you? Were you someone that didn’t follow the crowd? Did you feel like because you didn’t get a passing grade that you were stupid? Think about some of the peer pressures. What were those pressures? Did you follow in fear of not fitting in? Did you put pressure yourself with your grades because you needed to have good grades to be considered smart? Did you not feel pretty or attractive enough because the other kids were wearing name brands?

Now think to your present state and ask yourself where you’ve carried your beliefs? What are some things you tell yourself when something doesn’t work out right? And what do you say to yourself after you “wished you had something”? These are some hints to some of the “spells” that stop you from being that powerful, sovereign being you were meant to be.

I’m not going to dive too deep but school is mostly programming us to live in a fear based society. When we are in fear we stop creating. We become weak problem solvers, we lose our ability to critically think. We stop questioning things. We just do what we think we are supposed to do because we buy into a system. A program. The Matrix.

YOU are so much more! You are a powerful creator! You are Creation! And YOU ARE ENOUGH!

We can dive much deeper into this topic and if you wish to do so with me, please do join us in the member’s group and let’s connect and break free from these beliefs that stop us from being the powerful and sovereign human beings we were meant to be, here on Earth.