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Here you will find courses, healing sessions, activations and meditations to help you on your healing journey.

All offerings on this page is included with the Rose Quartz Healing Circle for Women Membership

Unleash Your Inner Light: A 5-Day Journey to Raising Your Vibration

14.99   $7.77

Feeling Stuck? Do you yearn for a life filled with more joy, energy, and abundance? Is negativity holding you back from reaching your full potential? “Unleash Your Inner Light,” is a transformative 5-day course designed to elevate your vibration and create a positive shift in your life.

This course is perfect for anyone who wants to:

    • Feel happier and more energized.
    • Attract more positive experiences into their life.
    • Reduce stress and negativity.
    • Enhance their overall well-being.
    • Live a more fulfilling and joyful life.

Note:  This course is included with the Rose Quartz Women’s Healing Circle Membership

Activate Inner Child Healing and Embrace Self Love

Feeling stressed or disconnected? Your inner child may need you. Experience transformational healing and self-discovery with “Healing the Inner Child: A Guided Activation Meditation”  This powerful guided meditation will create the space for you to reconnect, release burdens, and rediscover self-compassion. 

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Cindy is a beautiful authentic intuitive, I love being part of her group and exploring.

Jill C Brown

Life Coach at Advance Life Coaching

In Cindy’s group, I feel comfortable simply participating. It fosters a sense of belonging, and I learn from her and the other members. I especially appreciate Cindy’s grounded approach to spirituality – respectful, gentle, and wise.

Agnes Aepli

Life Transformation Coach

Cindy is one of the best Reiki and crystal healers , her videos helped me a lot and I felt her energy from the start she has a very powerful and pure energy.



Cindy is a wonderful person who sees you for who you are, and this group is suitable for all women looking for a place to feel at home with their tribe ❤️


Energy Healer & Massage Therapist

I am attuned as a Reiki II. I came across Cindy on YouTube a couple months ago. And she is a Gem, a true healer! I am grateful to share her light!

Lesa Chambers

Reiki Practitioner