I saw this posted somewhere on Facebook and was very curious to read the comments. Almost every single person was triggered in some way but there is a huge misunderstanding when it comes to Masculine and Feminine.

First, both men and women carry both energies. Each person has one energy more dominant than the other. Each person also carries shadow aspects of each energy. If you are triggered by this image it is time to ask yourself why? What is the first thought to come to your mind. Why does it trigger a lower vibrational energy for you?


When I first saw this image I thought of it as women standing up for humanity. That we, too, are capable of doing and guarding our boundaries. When our loved ones (children) are thought of to be in harm’s way, we do come out and stand up for them. We don’t necessarily “fight” but we stand up and be sure we are heard. This photo is merely women standing up for choices. I believe in choice and I don’t feel judging one another based on choice is of higher vibration. In fact, judging places a huge divide!

One of the comments is that it separates men and women because men are not in the image. Men are the doers, they will naturally “fight” and protect. That’s what they do in their natural state. There is no separation here, at all! This image merely states that women are allowed to be heard and stand up when it comes to their boundaries and beliefs. They are allowed to TAKE ACTION too and stand up with their male counterparts to defend what is their belief. And just as women are allowed to take action men are allowed to surrender and let go.

It’s so obvious to me that the world needs to have more balance between the dance of Masculine and Feminine energies and simply put, this is the balance between DOING and BEING. Masculine = Doing, Feminine= Being. Feminine energy has been suppressed by 3D Matrix programming in each and every one of us and because of it, the world and humanity has been operating from a toxic masculine energy which was made to believe that it was raw healthy masculine energy. It’s not men vs women at all…it’s ALL of US! We all need to take back this healthy balance. The power in creating an amazing world is within the balance of these two energies.

What are your thoughts? I would love to hear them. This has been a pretty controversial topic as of late and I feel we need to have more discussions on creating a solution. What can we do to create more balance? What can you do to create more balance for your self?



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