Learn 6 Ways to Begin Awakening the Divine Feminine within you!

The Divine Feminine within all of us has been called to balance with the Divine Masculine.  We’ve been in a system that has been operating from a toxic masculine energy which has been separating us from our Divine energies.

In this guide you will learn the magic of what it is to embrace your Divine Feminine energy so that you can embrace the Goddess within you.  You will be able to live a much more balanced life with the tools I have created within the guide to help you embrace that natural Divine Feminine energy which you were put on Earth with!

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“Are you ready to claim more of  who you are and shift that inner story?  That inner story of who you thought you were but you know deep in your heart there’s more?”

Included in the guide:

Affirmations you can use daily with or without meditating
A prayer for the Divine Feminine
A daily exercise to embrace your Divine Feminine Energy
Journal prompts to help you better understand how to balance your Divine Feminine Energy

Cindy Virginia is an Intuitive Empath, Lightworker, Energy Healer, and Spiritual Guide living as a Full-Time Nomad in Canada. Her mission is to help those who have spent most of their lives hiding their inner magic by sharing the natural gifts and tools she has developed while on her own spiritual journey.

Cindy Virginia

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