Observe the timeline you don’t want (old earth/matrix) to be in but do not anchor in it. You will still have feelings about that timeline but allow the human self to have feelings and just allow it to flow through you. We allow good emotions to flow through us without anchoring them so that is what we are called to do with the lower vibrational feelings (not so feel good emotions).

The sooner we understand we are only experiencing our environment the faster we learn we can master our environment and to manifest the way we want our reality/timeline to be like.

Anchoring in the old time line is how they are trying to break us (like elephants). When we anchor in the lower vibrational emotions/frequency we are easily controlled and manipulated to maintain and old agenda that does not serve others or our selves. It is only serving an inorganic force on the planet.

Whenever you catch yourself anchoring into the old timeline imagine yourself being a huge being sitting on the very top of the mountain. Look down and see the old timeline in the bottom of the mountain. Make that timeline as small as you can from your vision. Observe. I can not say this enough…Observe. Observe and allow all feelings to flow through you. Keep focusing on the timeline/reality you want to be in.

What are your thoughts on New Earth? What does it mean to you to shift realities or timelines?